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Colombia has a wealth of touristic destinations rich with history all within a lush tropical background. Whether you´re an art lover, birdwatcher, a history buff or a sun-seeker, Colombia has it all.

100 Years specializes in the Bogotá area and surrounding with some newly added options in Quito, Ecuador.

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Tequendama Falls

Some miles down the Bogotá river away from the city lies Tequendama, a little town filled with winding roads and traditional brick houses typical of Latin neighborhoods. Just a little further is Tequendama Falls, majestic and grand. Pictures do no justice to share its jaw-dropping …

Guatavita Lake

When I went to see Guatavita Lake I had no idea about it`s history other than it was where the gold raft from the Museo Del Oro went to throw offerings during the Muisca reign in the region. Little did I know that it has …

5 Things to Know Before Traveling to Colombia

No Habla Español? The most important thing I learned on my first trip to Colombia (and this seems so obvious but I never thought of it): if you don´t know how to speak Spanish be prepared for a lot of missed opportunities to communicate with …